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Feast on Jesus

God feeds His people –
We see it throughout the Bible and
throughout history.
As our Creator and Provider,
He gives us all the nourishment our bodies need.
Our original home was a garden,
rich with food.
He spread a banquet for His people
in the barren wilderness.
He fed the five thousand with more than they could eat,
all from a child’s lunch.

He cares about our physical well-being…
but, O, so much more!
He is eager to feed our complete selves,
our bodies, minds, and spirits,
not just to satisfy us for a few hours, but forever.

What is the banquet the Father spreads for His people?
The banquet He spreads is Jesus.
All God’s blessings flow to us through Him.
In Jesus He offers us all we could ever need:
His peace and joy,
His innocence before God,
His holy, unending life,
His sufficiency in every situation,
His beautiful, unbroken relationship with the Father.

Gather with God’s people and feast on Jesus.
Come feast on His Word,
His wisdom,
His Spirit,
His body broken and His blood poured out.

The feast is spread.
Come…feast on Jesus. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Come and Feast
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