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The Singer’s Prayer

This is the 18th in a series of Friday posts on congregational song.
This prayer is especially appropriate for soloists,
but it has truth for all of us who sing in church. 

Jesus, my Savior, thank You for the joy of singing for You. When I sing, I share Your glory. I stand in the beauty of Your presence, in the light of Your truth, and in the glow of Your joy and goodness.

But Lord, sharing Your glory so easily puffs up my pride. The temptation is subtle, yet so strong, to borrow Your glory and take it for my own.

When I fall to that temptation, my God, I deceive Your people. I give them myself, not You. I rob them of all that You could be to them.

So Jesus, I look to You. I pray for Your mercy and Your help. By Your Holy Spirit, by Your strength alone, Lord God, I make the following vow:

I will choose music that exalts You, not me.

I will sing to draw people to You, not to myself;
to You, not to the song.

I will approach each song
with prayer,
with gladness, and
with gratitude.
Whenever I sing, I will think of You.

In my song, Lord, You will be
the Alpha and the Omega,
the Light of the World,
the Glory of God,
the Way, the Truth, and
the Life.

You will be
the Prince of Peace,
the Bread of Life,
the Resurrection,
the Cornerstone,
our Shepherd,
our Savior,
the King of Kings and
Lord of Lords.

You must increase;
I must decrease (John 3:30).

By Your mercy, Lord,
keep me completely transparent.

For You alone are worthy to receive
power and wealth and
wisdom and strength and
honor and glory and praise! (Revelation 5:12)

By Your help alone, Lord.