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Prayer Is Simply Talking to God

It is personal conversation with Him.

Who can pray?

Absolutely anyone.
God only asks that we trust Him –
that we believe
He is listening and
will respond to us.

How do I pray?

Simply talk to Him, from your heart.
You can pray in silence or out loud,
sitting, kneeling, or in any position.

How long should I pray?

Prayers can be as short as a single sentence, or
as long as you need them to be.

Where should I pray?

God is always with you and is always listening.
Pray anywhere – at home, at work, or
in the privacy of your car as you drive.
Pray alone or with others.

What should I talk to God about?

Whatever is on your mind.
Thank Him for His many wonderful gifts.
Share your problems and ask for His help.
Pray for others – for your family, your friends,
your nation, your world . . . or
for the person ahead of you in line.

God is always with you.
He always listens when you pray.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Simple Faith
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