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Every Moment in You

Father, You desired it.
You have always desired it.
You planned it.
You prepared it.
You promised it.
And by Your Spirit,
You have patiently nurtured
a hunger for it
in my heart.

So now,
in belated response to all You have done,
I ask for it,
I pray for it,
as Your needy child:

O Father,
I want to live every moment in You
the way Jesus lived every moment in You
when He was here.

Because He was weak,
because He depended completely on You,
He was strong and sufficient in every situation.
My Father, keep me weak and
keep me strong
in You.

He loved You and
served You and
glorified You
with His whole heart.
Father, keep me
whole-heartedly Yours,
just like Him.

He was
holy and humble,
bold and gentle,
fearless and loving
in You.
O Father,
my Father,
every moment
keep me in You.

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Hymn: All in You, Breath by Breath
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