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We Follow Jesus

A reflection on Revelation 11:7-13,
the triumph of the two witnesses

We are the followers of Jesus Christ,
His disciples,
His friends,
His brothers and sisters,
His body,
His bride.
As we are true to Him,
we will be treated like Him
by the world and
by You, Father.

In this world we will share His rejection,
His scorn,
His humiliation.
We will be disbelieved,
falsely accused, and
unfairly treated.
We will walk with Him
through suffering
to the cross,
to the tomb.

But as You raised Him,
You will raise us to eternal life.
Death can never touch us again.
In Him we will share
His triumph,
His glory,
His authority,
His constant and complete oneness with You, our Father.

Looking to Him,
seeing Him,
we leave everything else behind,
eagerly and completely.
We only want to
know Christ,
gain Christ, and
be found forever in Christ.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Are in Christ Jesus
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Who We Are in You

A prayer response to Revelation 11:1-6,
the two witnesses

Father, we seem so small in this large and hostile world.

But You are Almighty God, and
we are Your presence here.
Make us Your light
in this dark place.
Make us Your truth
amid all this deception.
May we be Your healing touch
where so many are suffering.
May we glow with Your joy
in this world of shadow and sorrow.
Let us shine with the beauty of Your holiness
where all is twisted by evil.
O Lord, help us be
Your generous hand to those in need,
the breath of Your peace to those who fear, and
the good news of grace to all who are crushed by guilt.

As we live in Your Spirit,
we are Your people,
Your witnesses,
Your body,
Your temple,
Your holy bride.

O Father, keep us faithful to
who You are and
who we are in You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Reconciled in Christ
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