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Who Is He?

This hymn lets your people
join the throng that
praised Jesus on
that first Palm Sunday.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Who is He who comes in triumph?
Who is He who comes to die,
Comes in peace and comes in power,
Hidden One now lifted high?
Jesus, Jesus, Lord, Messiah,
Mighty master of the grave!
See Him ride, the King of Glory!
God Himself has come to save!

See Him there in humble splendor.
Hear them shouting all around.
Joy explodes in wild procession.
Praise is now the victor’s crown.
“Glory, glory in the highest!”
Like the angels hear them sing,
Dancing round the Long-awaited-
Once their hope, and now their King.

Rise and join the glad procession!
Hear them passing by again-
All the ransomed, all His children,
Marching to Jerusalem!
Look ahead– the gates of splendor!
Hear the everlasting hymn!
Open wide Your hearts in worship!
Let the King of Glory in!

by Ken Bible, © 2004 LNWhymns.com.