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Our Lord I AM

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Hear the worlds all whispering His name.
Mountains flee before Him.
All who know Him tremble at His voice.
All who fear adore Him.
Pure, complete, and evermore the same,
None can speak all His splendor in a name.
Bow down.
He is I AM.


Who can stop the torrent of His love?
Who can test its measure?
Who can feel the fire of His heart?
Who conceive its treasure?
Veiled in glory, near and yet so far,
Life and love are the light of who You are.
You are the Lord
Our life, our Lord I AM.


Pure, complete, and evermore the same,
None can speak all His splendor in a name.
You are the Lord
Our life, our Lord I AM.

The Magnificent One

He is the Magnificent One,
high above,
separate, and
infinitely beyond.

He is pure,
incomparable, and
absolutely glorious.

He is Supreme,
the Source of all being,
the Creator,
the Uncreated One.

majestic, and
He is
always good,
always just, and
complete in Himself.

He is
the I AM.
He is
Holy God.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Worshiping Transcendent God
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Holy, Holy, Holy

High above
Wholly other
Eternal, without beginning or ending
Infinitely beyond


Listen and sing:
Hymn: Eternal Light
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from Prepare Yourself for Worship

God of All

God of all reality…

God of all time and
all eternity,
of all that has been,
all that is, and
all that will be…

God of every wonder ever seen,
every truth ever known,
every mystery ever pondered,
every good ever desired
and so much that is beyond imagining…

You are the One who calls to me.
You are the One who calls me to Yourself.
You are the One who offers me
full knowing and
unbroken fellowship with You.

How can a creature like me respond to such an offer?
All I can do is bow to You
here and now,
and simply say,
“Here I am.”

Listen and sing:
Hymn: God of the Universe
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Seeing a Greater God

Even after many years of following You, Father,
much of my life makes no sense in light of
who You are.
You are
perfect power,
perfect wisdom, and
perfect love.
Yet the faith I live is so weak.
My thoughts and actions proclaim a God who is
only a vague shadow of You,
a God who is
limited and
So much of me is still unmolded by the truth of
all You are.
My daily walk is clouded by
fear, and

Almighty Father, I long to know You in a way that is
I want to respond to You
for all You are.
I hunger to think and speak and walk
each moment
in the light of Your full greatness.

Continue to draw me to Yourself.
Through prayer,
Your Word, and
Your loving discipline, Father,
help me to
see You more clearly and
trust You more simply.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: High and Holy Sovereign God
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You Call Yourself My Father

Infinite God,
You come to me
from far beyond and
high above my knowing.
You freely show Yourself to me through this world
of which I am a part.
The wisdom, the power,
the beauty, the mystery,
the pattern, the endless parade of individuality,
the love, the connectedness of all this varied life,
the engulfing shower of light,
the vastness, the intimacy,
the eternity, the now-ness –
they all speak and sing of You.
I begin to glimpse You and
wonder at You
through my sense and experience.

Infinite God,
personal God,
You come to me
in skin and fragile flesh and bone.
You come just like me.
You call Yourself my Father.
Holy God,
Loving God,
God of peace and joy and unbridled giving,
You say that I came from You, and
You call me back to You.
You only ask that I come as a child,
as Your child,
honest and trusting.

Infinite God,
personal God,
Father God,
I come.
Make us one again!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: My Loving Father
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Face-to-face with the Living God

I remember clearly when I first trusted Jesus Christ. It was the last night of a revival in our local church with evangelist Rev. Jay Budd. All week a fear of hell had been building in my 10-year-old mind, but I was too shy to go forward during the altar call. So when we arrived home after church on that Sunday night, April 10, 1960, I went into my parents’ bedroom and told them I wanted to pray to become a Christian.

I still remember my burning desire not to lose the amazing new feeling that filled my heart.

But my deepest and most formative memory of that evening is my new awareness of the Living God. I had the sensation of Him standing right in front of me, looking straight into my eyes. The reality was stark and gripping. He filled my heart’s vision. I could not ignore Him or look past Him. But His look was not threatening. He was not angry with me. His look was love…nothing but love.

I think of that when I read the account of Paul’s conversion in Acts 9. Paul was making a career of trying to stamp out Christianity, and suddenly, in a moment in time, he turned around 180 degrees and became one of its most fervent advocates. Within a few days he was publicly contending for the truth he had violently opposed. The change did not happen through years of studying and thinking. Like me, he simply came face-to-face with the Living Christ. Few words were exchanged. The gripping reality of Jesus Christ transformed him completely in a moment in time, and he was never the same.

Like Paul, my life and ministry continues to be energized by the stark reality of Father God, revealed so vividly and personally in Jesus Christ. To my ears, so much of our Christian talk is about religion, and religion can be such a human thing. It pales before the Living God. He still fills my heart’s vision, as He did on that evening over 55 years ago. He draws me. He drives me. My relationship with Him shapes every aspect of my life. When He speaks, all other voices are just background noise. When He commands, my path is clear, regardless of opposition. My heart has room for nothing and no one else.

As with Noah, Abraham, Isaiah, and Paul, God Himself, in His person, makes all other considerations irrelevant. He is the Source and Center of all reality. He is all wisdom, all power, and all love. He calls, I answer. What else matters but Him?

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Present Lord
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Beyond All Images

from the devotional book, PICTURES OF GOD

Exodus 20:1-6; Deuteronomy 4:15-20

Understanding God’s transcendence sheds light on the second of the Ten Commandments:

You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on earth beneath or in the water under the earth. (Exodus 20:4, NASB)

This strong prohibition not only applies to images of false gods, but to images of the true God as well. Why would God absolutely forbid His people to make any likeness of Him?

  • Because God is transcendent, any image of Him would diminish Him. It would make Him far less and far other than He is, bringing more misunderstanding than understanding. He is Creator, not anything created. Worshiping any image, even an image intended to represent Him, is inherently worshiping a god other than the infinite, unseeable God. Such worship is inevitably idolatrous, regardless of its intent. The entire universe in all its vastness and wonder is only a tiny, partial revelation of all He is.

Death is naked before God…
he suspends the earth over nothing…
The pillars of the heaven quake,
aghast at his rebuke.
By his power he churned up the sea…
And these are but the outer fringe of his works;
how faint the whisper we hear of him!
Who then can understand the thunder of his power? (Job 26:6-14, NIV)

  • Any image of God is static, whereas God is a God of action. He reveals Himself through His actions, not through some static image.
  • Once we reduce the infinite, almighty God to anything local and material, our tendency is to try to control and manipulate Him. Think of the way the Ark of the Covenant has been pictured as having magical powers. That is the way any image of God would be used. Almighty God would become a mere tool to be wielded for selfish human ends.

God is great and marvelous beyond our full comprehension. And in Exodus 3:12, God says, “I AM with you”, using the exact word that He uses for His name in 3:14. Transcendent, Almighty God is with us always, in the full force of all He is.

Our understanding of the transcendent God deepens the mystery and wonder of Jesus Christ, a Galilean peasant, Who comes as the image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15, NASB) and the exact representation of His nature (Hebrews 1:3, NASB).