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Today in Your Presence

Fresh View of Timeless Truth

Enrich your daily walk with the Lord with Today in Your Presence, a free pdf download. It provides twelve varied prayers and devotional reflections, each with a recorded hymn.

It is part of a brand-new series, Fresh Views of Timeless Truth. Each volume provides readings, prayers, scripture, and recorded hymns on a focused topic.

Free pdf of Today in Your Presence
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A Unique Opportunity

Marvelous Creator,
Designer of each snowflake,
You have given me this day as a
unique opportunity.

Today I can know You better.
Today I can walk step-by-step in Your Spirit.
Today I can live Your marvelous love
in fresh, new ways.
Today I can
please You and
praise You and
love You.

Keep me open
to all this day can offer.
Keep me open
to all You want me to
see and
savor and

Father, today
keep me open to You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Today in Your Presence
Printed Music & Lyrics

A Prayer for Today

Today, Eternal God, we live and move and breathe in You.
Help us live this day
in the reality of all You are.

You are our Father.
Help us walk in
all the privileges of the children of God.

You are our Savior, who gave Yourself for us.
Help us rest in
Your all-encompassing love.

You are the Spirit.
Help us love and serve
here in Your presence,
out of the rich abundance of Almighty God.

We ask all this
in Your name and
for Your glory alone.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Today in Your Presence
Printed Music & Lyrics