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from Prepare Yourself for Worship


Father, when I come to Your house to worship,
I never come alone.
I come as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, all of us
redeemed by His blood and
united by His Spirit.
I come as part of the universal People of God
spanning all ages and nations.

Together, we come as Your temple,
Your holy dwelling place.
You are building us as a living, breathing, eternal home for Yourself,
exuding, and
incarnating Your magnificence.

Together, we are the Body of Christ.
He is our Head.
We are His hands and feet,
privileged and empowered to act out
His boundless love here on earth.

Together, we are the Bride of Christ,
devoted to Him alone
body, mind, and spirit.
He has set us apart for Himself, and
our destiny is an eternity of joyful oneness with Him.

Father, when I come to You in worship,
I come together with all Your people,
in Your Spirit,
through Your Holy Son. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Have Come, God’s Living Temple
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All We Are in Him

We are God’s chosen people.
What varied and beautiful pictures He draws of
all we are in Him!

We are His temple,
built with solidity and strength,
built to last.
Our strength comes from our eternal foundation, which is
Jesus Christ.
As God’s temple, we are a holy vessel,
prepared to be filled with
His life and
His worship.

We are branches in the Vine,
inseparably united with the True Vine,
Jesus Christ.
We have no existence apart from Him.
As we remain in Him, we are
vibrantly alive,
ever growing, and
richly fruitful.

We are the body of Christ.
Christ is our Head.
We live and function
from Him,
through Him, and
to Him.
We are inseparable from Him and
organically dependent on Him.

We are the bride of Christ.
We who are human
now glow with
the radiant, vibrant love of
our heavenly Bridegroom.
As we receive His love and
give His love,
we are
eternally one with Him.

Now and forever,
we are
His temple,
His branches,
His body,
His bride.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Chosen in Jesus
Printed Music & Lyrics