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We Need to See You

In the year of King Uzziah’s death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted. (Isaiah 6:1, NASB)

Father, we are flooded with so many needs,
but our real need is
We need to know You for all You are,
the One true God,
high and lifted up,
the Holy One,
our Source and Goal,
the All-in-all,
our Eternal Father.
We need to see You for all You are.
We need to trust You always for all You are.

Lift our eyes, Father.
Help us to see You.

God wants us to know Him.
His most intricate and detailed works—
the Bible,
even the Old Testament tabernacle—
are those that fill our mind and senses with Him.
Father, I want to know You.
Open me to receive You.

Hymn: Simply God


Father, I am held captive by You.
I am Your humble prisoner.

You are the Source of all being.
You are Creator and
You are all beauty and
all truth,
goodness, and

You are all, magnificent Father,
and I am Your prisoner.
I am held captive
by Your greatness,
by the flood of Your tender mercies,
by the amazing possibility of
knowing You and
sharing in You
fully and forever.

O Father, how can I do anything else but
love You and
serve You in
wonder and

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Hymn: Simply God
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