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A Present God

The Lord Almighty is with us.
(Psalm 46:7, NIV)

Sunday morning worship.
As we are singing glorious hymns of exaltation and praise,
I realize that I’m not thinking about Him,
but about me.
My thoughts are self-centered.

Forgive me, Lord.

How shameful such thoughts will be
when I stand before You face-to-face.
How foolish and abhorrent all pride will seem
in the blazing light of Your presence.

But Almighty God, You are here now.
I stand before You now.
You see my heart.
You hear my thoughts.
And I am ashamed.

Transform me, Lord.
Teach me.
Help me live and think and walk in the light of Your beauty and presence.
Fill every thought, every prayer, and every song of praise
with an active trust in a present God.