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Infinite Love

What is man that you are mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him? (Psalm 8:4, NIV)

The Creator of this vast universe deeply, personally loves us tiny, troublesome human beings. How can that make sense?

Look at the universe and see God’s power. It reaches to the farthest corners of physical reality and to every microscopic detail. His power reaches to infinity in both directions, to galaxies and to water-drop worlds. Some are too vast and some too tiny for us to trace with our senses. But everything is created and controlled by His will.

His wisdom and knowledge reach everywhere His power goes. We marvel that He can know everything all the time. But is it so unbelievable that the One able to create all this can also stay in constant contact with it, that He can always know it completely?

What’s more, His love is as deep, rich, creative, and complete as His power and knowledge. He not only created all that is and knows all that is, but He cares for it all, constantly and completely. Like His power and understanding, His love enfolds all He has made.

His love enfolds each of us, every moment and forever. His love is enabled by infinite ability and is guided by infinite wisdom. His love for you is unlimited and unfailing. You can trust Him. You can trust Him with every concern, no matter how far-flung or how trivial, for in every detail His love knows and controls and cares.

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Hymn: Look! His Goodness Fills the Morning
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The Joy of Your Presence

Inspired by Psalm 84

O Father, how I love being in Your presence!
When I realize that I am with You,
all I am sings for joy,
mind, and

You are infinitely above me
in excellence,
in power, and
in holiness.
Yet when I am with You, I sense that
this is where I belong.
I know a freedom,
a rightness,
a rest in You.

This life is not easy, Father.
The needs never end.
There is weariness,
darkness, and
deep sorrow.
But when I realize that all of life is a journey to You,
everything changes!
Weariness turns to praise.
Darkness shines with Your unfailing goodness.
Sorrow is matched with an inexpressible joy.
Your presence lights my pathway every day.
But what is more,
You Yourself are the heaven toward which I travel.

O Father, absorb my
every thought and
every desire.
You are my joy,
now and forever!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Psalm 84
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