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Our Hope Is All in You

Based on Psalm 33,
this hymn expresses
a confident hope and trust
firmly founded on Almighty God.
The tune is familiar.

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You speak, and it is so
Above, beyond, below.
Our hope is all in You!
Creator, Breath of all,
May we, so brief and small,
Put all our trust in You!

Our human plans are vain.
This world is Your domain.
Our hope is all in You!
You give and You control.
You fill and rule the whole.
Our trust is all in You!

You love and understand
Those resting in Your hand.
Our hope is all in You!
We look in reverent fear.
You smile and draw us near.
Our trust is all in You!

Our strength, our help, our shield,
Transcendent love revealed,
Our hope is all in You!
O joy of all our songs,
To You our breath belongs.
Our trust is all in You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by LNWhymns.com.

God Is Drawing Us to Himself

Do you hear God’s Word continually prodding you?
It is urging you to
give thanks to Him!
Sing to Him!
Rejoice in Him!
Praise Him!
Trust Him!
Hope in Him!
Delight in Him!

Do you hear God calling?
God is calling us to Himself.

He is the source of
all life,
all love,
all blessing,
all that is good for
heart and soul,
mind and body.
So out of a deep longing for our very best, He is
pursuing us,
inviting us,
eagerly drawing us to Himself.

If you want all the riches that life offers,
seek the God who is seeking you.
Talk to Him.
Walk with Him.
Confide in Him.
Love Him.
Follow Him.
Turn yourself toward
your Source,
your Father,
your God.

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Hymn: Psalm 33
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