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Psalm 124

Here is a hymn of confident trust in
the Almighty God who is
always for us.
The tune is familiar.
Psalm 124 is part of the Psalms of Ascents series on Psalms 120 – 134.
To download a pdf of the entire “Psalms of Ascents” series,
complete with companion devotional readings,
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Printed Music

Sovereign God is for us.
He alone can save us.
Death, with all its brutal strength,
Would swallow us alive.
Waves of sin would swamp us,
Evil overwhelm us,
Flinging us down where
Fear and sorrow thrive.

Sovereign God is for us.
Who can stand against us?
All creation poured from Him
Empowered by His word.
Emptiness and darkness
Vanish in His glory.
Almighty love is
Felt and seen and heard!

Sovereign God, our Savior,
Shepherd, Friend, and Father,
Mighty Warrior, Sun and Shield,
The fire of every star,
Worship, thanks, and honor
Rise from us, Your people,
Safe here in You, at
Peace in all You are.

by Ken Bible, © 2019 LNWhymns.com.