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The Father Shares His Fullness

Luke 11:5-13; Ephesians 3:14-19; Colossians 2:9-10

We parents are weak and limited in so many ways.
Though we love our children,
there is much we simply do not have and
thus cannot give them.
Yet we gladly pass on to them whatever we can.
But more importantly, day by day,
without even thinking about it,
we share with them all that we are.

Father, You are the perfect parent,
infinitely greater than all that the best human parent
can even aspire to be.
All that exists is Yours,
so there is no limit to what You can give Your children.
You are complete and perfect in Yourself,
so there is no limit to the gifts and graces You can impart to them.
And You are perfect in love.
No selfishness ever taints or limits Your giving.
You joyfully, unreservedly share with Your children
all that You have and
all that You are.

Almighty God, You share Yourself with us!
You fully incarnated
Your pure and perfect Son
in our human flesh
so that through Him,
we might share in You.
You breathe into us
Your own Spirit,
Your own
eternal life
that we might be filled forever with
all the fullness of God Himself.

Praise to You, magnificent Father,
infinite in greatness,
infinite in goodness,
infinite in love!

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Hymn: Fullness of God
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