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Luke 6:1-11

 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge…
who are you to judge your neighbor?
(James 4:12, NIV)

Lord, when I judge others, I am like the Pharisees. My “righteousness” is cold and small, unloving and unlovely.

I criticize rather than encourage.

I push others down that I might pull myself up.

I condemn and analyze rather than love and give.

I am proud rather than repentant.

My small, narrow notions try to force Your great mercy into my tiny box.

Who am I to judge or criticize someone else? I am unqualified. I am unworthy. I need Your mercy as much as they.

Forgive me, gracious Lord, forgive me.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit
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Accept One Another

Accept one another…just as Christ accepted you.
(Romans 15:7, NIV)

I was at a Christian music conference.
With the variety of performers, approaches, and styles that were there,
I found myself growing critical.

God checked me.
He pointed out that He himself had shown His grace and mercy
to each of them,
just as to me.
He reminded me that each of them needed His continuing
grace, mercy, and guidance
just as much as I did.

Lord, those who have trusted You
come in every personality and level of maturity.
Help me to see each of them as
one who has received Your grace and
who needs Your grace.
I turn away from the sin of judging my dear brothers and sisters.
Help me to love and accept them
just as You, Jesus, have loved and accepted them.

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: Love One Another
Printed Music & Lyrics