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from the book, ONE WITH OUR FATHER 

John 3:1-21

Lord God, I cannot be who I want to be,
who I need to be,
by my own efforts.
No self-discipline,
no determination
can make me who I am not.
Only Your cleansing can make me clean.
Only Your holiness can make me holy.
Only Your life can make me Your child.
Only You can make me
like You,
sharing in You,
one with You.

Your life, Your breath, Your Spirit
is like the wind:
I can sense it, but I cannot
fully track it or
control it.
Your Spirit is Your life in motion.
He goes where You please.
He is who You are.

Lord, I see Him most fully and beautifully
in the life of the human Christ.
I watch as You and He, Father and Son, share
the same Spirit,
the same life,
the same power,
the same wisdom,
the same self-giving love.
As I see Jesus,
I long to be one with You
as He is one with You,
fully, constantly, forever.

Father, I am completely unworthy of You.
But since You deeply desire it,
come, be my Father
as fully as You were His Father.
Do this as it pleases You,
when it pleases You,
how it pleases You.
Blow as You will,
Wind of God,
Breath of God.
I will do the little that I can do and must do:
I will trust You. 

Father, this is what I want:
to live and breathe forever
in Your personal presence,
one with You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Father, You See Our Need
Printed Music & Lyrics

God’s Life within Us

God’s life within us is like
being born all over again.
This new life is not flesh and blood
but God’s own Spirit.

God’s life within us is like
light in the darkness.
It brings truth, understanding,
warmth, and goodness.

God’s life within us is like
a wedding.
A new union begins,
full of love, joy, and promise.

God’s life within us is like
a spring of living water,
bringing refreshment and complete satisfaction
forever and ever.

We reach for so much that we cannot attain,
things temporary and unworthy of our wanting.
But what is best, what is deep, lasting, and satisfying is
God, His presence, and His blessing.

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: Breath of Life
Printed Music & Lyrics