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Christ, Our Source and Goal

Jesus Christ is not simply
the corrective for humanity gone wrong.
He is our original blueprint,
our prototype, and
our sure destiny.

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From forever to forever,
From our birthplace in Your heart,
Christ the dream that drove creation,
Christ our model from the start.
Christ the ruler, Christ the servant,
Christ the source and Christ the goal,
Christ the true, eternal Adam,
Christ the pattern, Christ the whole.

From the garden to Mount Sinai
To King David on his throne,
Christ the sun that cast the shadows,
Christ the promise, Christ alone.
From the stable to Golgotha
To His reigning at Your side,
Christ the Savior, Christ the Sovereign,
Christ preparing for His bride.

Christ the light of all creation,
Christ the longing of each heart,
All the means and all the meaning,
Life’s completion, and its start.
We have minds that we might know Him,
Lips to sing His glorious name,
Lives to share His living Spirit,
Love to set His world aflame.


by Ken Bible, © 2018 LNWhymns.com