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Christ in Psalm 4

This hymn reminds us that
even in the times of our
deepest, most desperate need,
Almighty God loves,
protects, and
answers when we pray.

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Answer when I call,
God, my strong protector.
Evil pulls and pressures me,
But I am Yours alone.
You have chosen me.
I am in Christ Jesus,
Called, forgiven, set apart,
Protected as Your own.

Evil is a lie,
Hollow disappointment,
Making empty promises
It knows it cannot keep.
Jesus, You are truth,
Light and love and beauty,
Full and everlasting life
So rich and real and deep!

Hidden here in You,
Christ, my mighty fortress,
Joy is flowing sure and strong
From what is always true:
Glorious, sovereign God,
Loving friend and Father.
Peace endures through every change,
For peace is trusting You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 LNWhymns.com.