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Invest in Forever

“Lift up your eyes to the sky,
Then look to the earth beneath;
For the sky will vanish like smoke,
And the earth will wear out like a garment
And its inhabitants will die in like manner;
But My salvation will be forever.”                                                 
(Isaiah 51:6, NASB)

Earth is temporary.
God is forever.

Don’t invest your life in material things.
Their satisfactions are shallow and temporary.
Don’t fear people.
Don’t focus on pleasing them.
They are here for only a breath.
God and His marvelous blessings
will last forever.
No matter how this temporary world looks or feels around you,
invest your life in Him.
Seek Him.
Worship Him.

Father, our physical world seems so
lasting and
but You know it will
burn away like
a morning mist.
Don’t let it seduce us.
Keep our hearts fixed on You.
You are truth.
You are forever.

Hymn: Great Lord of All Reality