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Discover Jesus Christ

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Discover in a tiny child
The Lord of time and space,
In helplessness and poverty,
The hope of all our race.
The spring of joy, the dawn of peace,
The mystery of life–
Come touch the hand and heart of God:
Discover Jesus Christ.

Come see the most despised of men;
Come see the most adored.
Come watch Him move in mighty love;
Come wonder at His words.
Come see Him suffer, see His pain;
Stand watching as He dies,
And hear forgiveness for your sins:
Discover Jesus Christ.

Now see the One you crucified–
He lives, and all is well.
His Spirit fills the universe,
Our Lord, Emmanuel.
Discover hope. Discover joy.
Discover love and life.
Discover God your dearest friend.
Discover Jesus Christ.


John 20:30-31

All God’s creatures share His life.
It is a beautiful gift from our Creator.

But we people also share His image.
We share His likeness mentally, morally, and spiritually.
We are His offspring.
We live and move and have our being in Him.
We breathe His life in a fuller, deeper sense than other earthly creatures.

But with the freedom and power God gave us, we chose to turn away from Him.
We are still turning away.
We choose life without Him…which is not life at all, but death.

God is speaking.
He is calling us to rediscover Him, to reconnect with Him.
He calls us to turn back to Him and begin to trust Him again.
As we do, He grows His life within us.
His own Son, Jesus Christ, joins His Spirit with our spirit.
He is God, but also human—
and what a beautiful human being He is!
He is all we could ever want to be, and more.
As we trust Him, He blossoms in us.

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Hymn: Discover Jesus Christ
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