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Psalm 110

Psalm 110 is the Old Testament passage
most often cited in the New Testament.
It is central to our understanding of Jesus Christ.
This hymn enables us to sing its truths
to a classic hymn tune.
Meaningful for Christ the King Sunday or year round.
To a familiar tune.

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Sovereign God, Almighty Father,
You have spoken to Your Son:
“Rule with Me till all is finished,
All love’s perfect will is done.
See Your people, pure and glorious,
Come from every time and place,
Offering all in love and worship,
Grateful lives that sing Your grace.”

Father, what a work You give Him:
Great high priest of all Your love,
Ever-living intercessor,
Ever drawing hearts above,
Praying, saving, cleansing, blessing,
Helping each to understand
Guilt is gone for those He pardons;
None can snatch them from Your hand.

Bathed in all Your boundless glory,
Wielding all Your holy might,
Perfect love with perfect wisdom,
Sun of everlasting light!
Here in Him, Your tender greatness
Shouts what none can fully sing:
Worship, honor, endless praises
Be to Christ, our Priest, our King!

by Ken Bible, © 2019 LNWhymns.com.

from Prepare Yourself for Worship

Prepare for Christ the King Sunday

O Father, the day is coming when
every knee will bow and
every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Every heart will sing of Him.
Every life will worship Him.
All that is will glorify Him.
Everything that is not of Him
will be gone forever.
All reality will reflect
Him and
Him alone.

Father, I long for that day!
begin it in me.
Begin it here, among Your people.
The culmination of the Christian year and
the culmination of all history
is the crowning of Jesus Christ as
King of All Kings and
Lord of All Lords.
For me,
for us,
in our hearts,
in our worship,
may today be the day.

“Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns.” (Revelation 19:6, NASB) 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Enthronement Hymn
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Christ the King

from A Christ-centered Year,
free seasonal readings from LNWhymns.com

On Christ the King Sunday, we rise up together and crown Jesus
King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He has redeemed us by His blood.
He has freed us from death and from the guilt and power of sin.
He is our Savior, our Shepherd,
our Sacrifice, our Priest,
our Teacher, our Advocate, our Prince.

Now His procession approaches, and we hear the cry,
Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
Who is this King of glory?
The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. (Psalm24:9-10, NASB)

The numberless throng all around us is shouting wildly,
“Hosanna to the Son of David!”
“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”
“Hosanna in the highest!” (Matthew 21:9, NASB)

Every eye is fixed on Him as He enters and approaches the throne.
God has ascended with a shout,
The Lord, with the sound of a trumpet.
Sing praises to God, sing praises;
Sing praises to our King, sing praises.
For God is the King of all the earth…
God reigns over the nations. (Psalm 47:5-8, NASB)

Then loud voices from heaven announce,
The kingdom of the world has become
the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ;
and He will reign forever and ever.”
(Revelation 11:15, NASB)

On Christ the King Sunday, we rise up together and crown Jesus
King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
This is the culmination, not only of each year, but of all history.
Come, Lord Jesus!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Enthronement Hymn
Printed Music & Lyrics