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Beyond All Barriers

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High and holy unseen God,
So pure and far above,
We were lost and dead in sin,
But nothing blocks Your love.
Every barrier fell before
Compassion’s burning flame.
Every wall was broken down.
When mercy called, You came.

Now Your mercy calls to us
To share what we received,
Out beyond these unseen walls
To prove what we believe.
See, the barriers all are gone!
We’ll live the love we know.
Fear and comfort will not rule.
Love calls, and we will go.

None can be too far away,
And none too near at hand.
All can know Your loving touch,
Can feel and understand.
May the living, loving Christ
Become the God they know.
Lead us, Father, everywhere
Your loving heart would go.

Cross Every Barrier

Transcendent God,
unseen God,
high and holy God,
You have broken down every barrier between
You and
You have come to us and
made Yourself
humanly one with us.

As You are now one with us,
we are one with You.
We share Your life.
We share Your love.
Within our hearts is the love that
breaks down every barrier and
crosses every boundary.
No human being is off-limits to Your great compassion.
No one is too unlovely.
No one is too sinful.
No one is too needy.

Father, live that love through us.
You have broken down every barrier.
May we let none of those old barriers stand in our way –
not race or religion,
not language or geography,
not culture or education,
not sexual orientation or social status,
not comfort, self-centeredness, or fear.
You are the Father of us all, and
Your almighty love respects no boundaries.
Make us bold in You,
loving in You,
joyful in You,
ever sacrificing ourselves freely, completely to You.

O great Father of all,
lead us everywhere Your love longs to go.

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