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When You Don’t Belong

You live far away from what feels like home,
far from those so dear to you.
You feel like
a foreigner,
an exile,
like you just don’t belong here.
Life has been unfair, and
the years continue to roll by with
your deepest longings frustrated.

You are in excellent company!
I have just described the life stories of
Joseph (coat-of-many-colors Joseph),
Daniel, and
Their lives were riddled with
alienation and

Yet because they lived in “a foreign land,”
God used them to introduce Himself
to many who otherwise would have never known Him.

Through their hardship,
God refined them.
He shaped them into
special servants,
uniquely His own.
Through their suffering, He showed the world just how
great and
good and
wonderful He is!

You are in the personal care of the
almighty God.
No matter what your situation,
He is right now working all things for
your good and
the good of countless others.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: God Is Working All Around You
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