Thank You for the Beauty of This Day

Here is a morning hymn that expresses
the beauty,
the glow,
the quiet joy of
walking with Your God and Father.

Printed Music

Thank You for the beauty of this day,
Each little gift You’ve given.
Thank You for Your calls to work and play,
The whispers of Your wisdom.
Thank You for the colors of Your love,
The rainbow of Your goodness.
Thank You for the sweetness of Your face,
Your presence in and through us.

Trusting You,
Finding rest in You –
Father, keep it true today.

Thank You for the hope in every day,
The peace of walking with You.
Thank You for Your call to simply pray,
The joy of living in You.
Father, how unchanging is Your love
In every gift You’ve given,
Showing in the sweetness of Your face
Our sure and simple heaven. Amen.

by Ken Bible, © 2000

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