The Truth

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32, NIV)

Truth is reality.
Truth is the way things really are.
It flows from You,
the source of all being and
the center of reality.

Thus living in You, Lord God, is
living in the truth.
It is living in line with reality.
It is natural, harmonious living.
Living in You is
living in peace.

Anything not in line with You is unnatural,
out of harmony with reality.
It is a lie,
doomed to cause unhappiness and
ultimately to pass away.

Humility is truth.
Pride is a lie.

Your glory is truth.
Any other glory is a lie.
Oneness with You and with other believers is truth.
Self-exaltation is a lie.

Lord Jesus, purify my heart and mind and life.
Help me think and live in You.

All that you see is temporary and passing.
Your relationship with the living God will
always be the focus of reality for you.
Set your heart on Him alone.

Hymn: Beyond Imagination

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