Psalm 133

God’s life and love pours down from Him,
then flows out through us to those around us.
What a wonderful gift is loving unity in Him!
This hymn is part of the Psalms of Ascents series on Psalms 120 – 134.
To download a pdf of the entire “Psalms of Ascents” series,
complete with companion devotional readings,
click here.

Printed Music

Flowing down,
Flowing down –
Precious oneness flowing down,
Down from Father, Son, and Spirit,
Love is flowing down.
Peace is flowing down.

Flowing out,
Flowing out –
All God’s blessings flowing out.
Freely shared with all His people,
Life is flowing out.
Joy is flowing out.

One in Christ,
One in Christ –
Earth and heaven one in Christ,
All God’s people, all creation
One in Jesus Christ.
Praise You, Jesus Christ!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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