Psalm 46

This triumphant Psalm of faith
is here given a
thoughtful hymn setting,
with a tune adapted from a
folk melody.

Printed Music

Almighty defender, so near in our need,
Unchanging, unchallenged, and sovereign indeed!
The mightiest mountains may crumble and flee,
But God, You are greater than all that can be.

Though changes engulf us and troubles increase,
In You there is perfect, unshakable peace.
You speak, and the oceans and planets obey.
You speak, and all history will move as You say.

The powers of heaven await Your command,
So fear and all worry are hushed in Your hand.
O God, we exalt You and, trusting Your will,
We rest as You whisper, “My children, be still.”

by Ken Bible, © 2018

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