The Fullness of God’s Glory

We glimpse God’s magnificence
in creation, but
we see it fully
in Jesus Christ.
Set to a familiar tune.

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The heavens sing a somber hymn
Of greatness dark and deep,
Of endless realms of time and space,
Of mysteries they keep.
But all that is and yet shall be
And all that mind can know
Are only whispers of a God
Far greater than the whole.

Yet all the fullness of this God
And all that He has done
Now shine in all their majesty
In Jesus Christ His Son.
This boundless God is flesh and blood,
And we have seen His face-
The glory of our Living Lord,
The fountain of His grace.

The fullness of our Father God
Resplendent in the Son
Reveals the holy majesty
Of all we will become.
His Spirit glows within our hearts,
A glimpse of what will be:
His glory blazing out through us
For all eternity.

by Ken Bible, © 2006

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