Psalm 39

How can we human creatures,
so very small and brief,
find deep and lasting meaning?
This hymn points us
to the truths found in Psalm 39 and
to the eternal God who lavishly gives us
all He is.

Printed Music

My life on earth is but a breath,
So quickly passing,
A mist, a sigh from birth to death,
So quickly passing.
All this is passing.

O God, how small and brief I am!
My strength is nothing,
My plans, a dream, my pride, a sham –
All these are nothing,
All finally nothing.

In You alone I hope and wait,
O God my Father!
I love, I trust, I celebrate
You, holy Father!
Great, gracious Father!

I share in You and all You are,
God everlasting,
Beyond, above, so high, so far –
Life everlasting!
You everlasting!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

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