Psalm 8

How stunning is the magnificence of God
painted across the night sky!
This hymn draws on that magnificence
as expressed in Psalm 8.
To a familiar tune.

Printed Music

O Lord, Your splendor fills the earth
And floods all space and time.
Mere children speak the mighty truth:
Your name, supreme, sublime.

Beneath the sky so vast and deep,
I stand, so brief and small,
And wonder why a God like You
Would notice me at all.

And yet You come and share Yourself.
My Lord, my God, what grace!
We walk together side-by-side
And talk here face-to-face.

You share Your life, Your work, Your heart,
Your plans for what will be.
O may Your glory fill the earth
As waters fill the sea!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

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