Far Above Riches

Godly mothers are a precious gift from the Father.
Here is a way to honor them that is
meaningful, and
easily singable;
based on Proverbs 31:10-31.

Printed Music 

Far above riches,
Far above honor,
Lasting beauty beyond compare-
She is more noble,
She is more precious.
Treasure this one whose life we share.

Woman of honor,
Priceless companion,
Wife and mother and faithful friend,
Shepherd and servant,
Teacher and helper-
She lives a love that has no end.

Morning and evening,
Summer and winter,
Ever faithful and glad to share;
Touching and lifting,
Tenderly giving-
In her we feel our Father’s care.

God of all comfort,
Fountain of blessing,
Ever loving in all You do,
Thank You for giving
Far above riches.
Gladly we lift our praise to You!


by Ken Bible, © 1998 LNWhymns.com

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