Tell Your Story

A reflection on Revelation 15:1-4,
a vision of victorious believers in heaven

Like all of God’s children,
we each have our own stories to tell,
amazing stories about
God’s deliverance,
God’s grace,
God’s faithfulness.
Though all our stories express the same truth,
each is unique.
Our backgrounds,
our life situations,
our sins and struggles
are highly varied.
Yet together,
they form a vast and stunning mosaic of the one
unchanging God.

Only together,
as we each tell our own story,
can we truly and fully proclaim the God who is
always Almighty,
always loving,
always wise,
always faithful,
always merciful,
always forgiving,
always sufficient for every need,
always true,
always just, and
always good.

Join the symphony!
We are incomplete without you!
Praise our God as only you can!
Tell your story! 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Look Behind at All You’ve Done
Printed Music & Lyrics

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