The Uncrossable Gap

God is holy.
We were born into sin.
It is all we have ever known.

God is pure light.
As creatures of the darkness,
we instinctively run from Him.

God is love.
In our selfishness
we are suspicious of Him.

God is Spirit.
To us physical creatures,
He seems unreal.

God is perfect wisdom.
To our ignorance,
He seems foolish.

God is all in all, and He offers Himself to us freely and completely.
In ourselves, we cannot see,
cannot know, and
cannot accept Him.

But now God has crossed all the barriers between Him and us.
The Transcendent One has taken flesh and blood.
Holy God is now and forever
wholly human.
He has come all the way to us in Jesus Christ.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Eternal Light
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