House Churches

Before elaborate organizations or church buildings, early-church Christians used private homes to gather for prayer, mutual encouragement, and a shared meal. Normal human dwellings, used for eating, sleeping, and relaxing, were turned into places of Christian fellowship. They became temples of God’s presence among believers.

According to one source, some of the oldest churches in Rome were built on sites where a house church once stood.

Having believers meet in your home would be a discomfort and a burden at times. But looking back, that discomfort is unimportant. In fact, those homes only gained lasting significance when they were dedicated to God and shared with others. Imagine all the beautiful, eternal good that was done over the years because simple Christians shared what they had.

The river of time washes away so much of what we leave behind. Future generations then receive what remains and apply what they can to their own life needs. Our present comfort or inconvenience will be insignificant to them. Were we well paid or poorly paid? Esteemed or unrecognized? It won’t matter. All that will matter is what we gave, not what we got.

Lord, take what is mine, what I grasp too tightly and fearfully, and make it Yours. What do I have that would be worth more if I shared it with others? I open my grip and release it to You. Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.

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