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I Have a Seed

I don’t have a world to build or
kingdoms to conquer.
I have a seed to sow –
a seed of
love and
life and

Loving God,
let me sow it
joyfully and generously,
fervently and faithfully,
knowing that You, Lord,
will bring an abundant harvest.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Bless This Seed
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See the Father Walk among Us

Father, You are
high and holy,
transcendent and unseen,
great beyond all imagination.
Yet in Jesus Christ we see You as a
speaking human being.
How amazing You are!
How can we help but
love You and
want to be like You!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: See the Father Walk among Us
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A reflection on Revelation 1:1-3,
the prologue to the book. 

Our Sovereign God is calling us.
He is calling us to
simple faith and
complete obedience.
He is calling us to Himself.

To call us, He is using the very best of
all He has and
all He is.
He is calling us through the
resurrection, and
exaltation of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

The stakes are high.
Eternal life and eternal death
hang in the balance for us.
No one knows when Christ will return and
our decision will suddenly become irrevocable.
Life is uncertain
for ourselves and
for the loved ones for whom we deeply desire all the best.

The reward is great beyond our imagining.
The Father promises the fullness of Himself
to those who answer the call.
He promises Jesus Christ –
His life,
His love,
His holy perfection,
His eternal glory.

The all-wise, all-loving Lord of all begs us to give His call
top priority
We dare not ignore Him.

We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard.
How shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? (Hebrews 2:1, 3, NIV)

Listen and sing:
Hymn: When Jesus Speaks
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Lord of Time

A Hymn based on
Psalm 31:14-15; John 15:5; Ephesians 5:15-16

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I fight with time. I rush. I wait.
I plan. I press. I stay up late.
I try so hard to regulate
What only You control.

Great Lord of time, above its flow,
You give us time to change, to grow,
To learn to live the love we owe
To You, all-gracious God!

In Christ we learn what time can be:
A frame for love unrushed and free,
The pure and perfect harmony
Of life immersed in You.

The fruitfulness that we pursue
Flows not from what our plans can do
But Lord, from living all in You,
The ever-fruitful Vine.

Hear God’s Higher Call

See your God for who He is and
all He is.
He is the Father of the entire human family.
He lovingly formed them all to be His very own.
He invested Himself in each and every individual.

Now realize that we are children of this Father,
this loving, universal Father.
He is so much greater than
our self-centered perspective and
limited minds.
He is grander than
our immature faith and
our love, still growing.

This Father is calling us beyond our
sectarian ways.
He is calling us to share
His broader mind and
larger heart.
He is urging us toward prayer that believes
He is all He says He is and
does all He says He will do.
He is leading us toward
a faith that is simpler,
a vision that is higher, and
a love that is as universal as He is,
a love that is
boundless and
fearless and

In this lost and needy world, He is calling us to live as
His children,
His Body,
His divine life made flesh and bone.
His compassion for His lost children is
calling us and constraining us to be
the light of the world,
the salt of the earth,
a royal priesthood,
a holy nation.

His love is compelling us and empowering us to be
the People of God.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Share Your Father’s Heart
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Focus on Jesus Christ

Introduction to Revelation

READER: On Fridays over the next fourteen months I will be posting devotional reflections on the book of Revelation. Revelation can be intimidating and for that reason is too often ignored. My prayer is that through these reflections you will gain meaningful life truth and better know your magnificent Lord. The first reflection below is an introduction to the entire book.

In a world overflowing with distractions and delusions,
empty threats and false hopes,
focus on what God is doing through Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the sovereign, creative Word of Almighty God.
Whatever God wills,
His Son Jesus brings about.
The Father speaks, and
the Son makes it reality.
If you want to know what is going to happen in our world,
focus on Jesus Christ.
He is the future of all creation.

If you want to know our destiny as a race and
your personal destiny as a believer,
focus on Jesus Christ.
He is the Second Adam,
the first of an entirely new human family.
As He is revealed,
we are revealed in Him.
As He is,
we will be.

Jesus Christ is our past, present, and future.
He is our Source and our Goal,
the spring from which we have come and
the ocean toward which we are flowing.

If you want to understand the past,
focus on Jesus.
It points to Him.
If you want to understand the present,
focus on Jesus.
He is what our loving Father wants for us today.
If you want to understand the future,
focus on Jesus.
All reality is moving toward Him.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Image of the Unseen God
Printed Music & Lyrics


Today in You, Father,
I enjoy a well-being that
flows all around me and
goes before me,
a well-being that is
deeper and
more permanent
than any temporary, troublesome circumstance.

It is the peace and presence,
the power and unfailing goodness
of You,
my Savior,
my Lord, and
my God! 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Treasure
Printed Music & Lyrics

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